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iT1 | Case study

iT1 boosts value of outbound efforts with Intent data

iT1 is a global technology provider offering cloud, infrastructure, security, and communications solutions for many industries — from commercial and healthcare to nonprofits and the public sector.

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“Regardless of title and team, we are all in lead generation,” said Shelliy Cymbalski, CMO at iT1.

“We strive to ensure every dollar spent in Marketing is spent generating new relationships.”

Unfortunately, traditional lead programs couldn’t offer the granularity and prioritization iT1 required for its sales and marketing efforts.

Sorting through all the data was time-consuming but light on actionable insights.

iT1 wanted more for their salespeople.

To remain competitive, iT1 needed their leads to reflect quality as well as quantity earlier in the process.

“We’d cast a very wide net but had no idea what prospects were really interested in,” Cymbalski recalled. “Sometimes the list had no value and was more ‘geo’ and ‘job title’ than anything else — it was just a guessing game.”


“We had no idea about Intent data,” she recalled, “so we decided to get educated and learn about its full capabilities to help us.”

Topping the list of criteria for a potential Intent data partner was a sustainable, seamless user experience that didn’t slow down business. iT1’s evaluation of Intent data providers paid close attention to their ability to integrate effectively with existing CRM tools and created a comprehensive projection of daily usage.

“We didn’t want sales logging into multiple sites, and we wanted it all in our CRM,” Cymbalski said.

Bombora was selected for its ease of use and simple implementation.

“Lots of vendors are great at selling us on the value of their tools, but it’s when you execute on it that it becomes truly useful,” Cymbalski reminded us.

iT1’s deployment of Company Surge® accelerated revenue generation through:

Segmentation and prioritization for marketing

Targeted messaging with SalesIntel

A complete, actionable view in Salesforce


The benefits of using Company Surge® with SalesIntel and Salesforce have been plentiful for the marketing team.

“It really has sped up the time to execution on all our campaigns,” Cymbalski revealed. “Tasks that took a couple of hours now take three minutes because of Bombora.”

The sales team has also seen efficiency gains and time savings, from onboarding new salespeople to boosting the value of every rep hour spent.

Company Surge® fostered deeper alignment between marketing and sales, something that’s elusive for many businesses. Collaboration became easier with both teams focused on a singular goal, while sellers at all levels trusted that MQLs were worthy of their attention.

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