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Area Development | Case Study

Area Development delivers multi-million dollar leads for advertising customers

Area Development, a leading corporate site selection and relocation publisher, uses Bombora’s Insights platform to deliver business-changing leads to their advertising clients.

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“Companies that advertise with traditional publishers are often left with an empty feeling,” said Justin Shea, Digital Media Manager at Area Development. “Our advertisers trust who our audience is because they’ve been running campaigns with us since the beginning. But they weren’t always able to understand the ROI on their advertising spend, or they weren’t able to do anything tangible with the results.”

Although this isn’t an uncommon tale in the B2B publishing space, Justin set out to explore if he could deliver even greater value for his advertising customers — passing on more detailed and useful information vs. being limited to generic data like number of clicks, impressions, and clickthrough rates.


To provide more useful data, Justin built a dashboard layering Bombora’s data over Area Development’s own first-party data.

This allowed Area Development to run much more efficient audience extension campaigns, and even offer account-based marketing-like capabilities. Now, instead of just showing clicks, Justin can share details like engagement, viewership, and conversions by industry, company size, role, and much more.

“We can even give our advertisers a list of businesses that are engaging with their ads and showing interest in their products,” said Justin.

“Hsiaolei Miller [VP of Partner Success] is like my spirit guide – She’s ultra-responsive and knowledgeable and she’s always there for me. For me, it’s not ‘Ask Siri’ – It’s ‘Ask Hsiaolei’.”

“The best part was, because of the personalized support I get as a member of the Bombora Data Co-op, setting this up didn’t feel like a hassle at all. It really felt like a natural progression.”

Justin Shea, Digital Media Manager at Area Development


Traditional lead-gen programs are expensive, but with the help of Bombora’s tools, tags, and data, Area Development is now able to produce a qualified lead list through a programmatic advertising campaign.

“On one of our latest campaigns, we were able to share a lead with a customer that resulted in a multi-million dollar deal and created over 200 new jobs—all from using Bombora’s insights with the customer’s banner ad on our site,” said Justin.

Not surprisingly, this customer renewed their contract and is even sponsoring an event on

“It’s typically not instant gratification in our industry,” said Justin, “but now I feel like a marketing company and a publisher all rolled into one.”

The Next Phase

Area Development has already seen incredible results using Bombora’s data, but they’re looking to expand the use of Bombora’s Visitor Insights Tags—getting them inserted onto their client’s sites—to garner even more detailed quality data.

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