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Infographic – Company Surge® for marketing

With so many marketing trends in the spotlight, how do you know what's top of mind to drive engagement and propel your marketing activity? Introducing, the 'Company Surge® for marketing' infographic...

A surging wave is one that doesn't have time to break because the transition from deep to shallow water is too fast. Similarly, the 'Company Surge® for marketing’ infographic aims to provide you with insights about topics across select industries to help propel your marketing engagement and conversation with your prospects and customers.

In the very first in our series, we've pulled together the top terms that are increasing in intent across marketing and Andrew Moravick, Senior Research Associate with the Aberdeen Group has contributed his analysis around what is driving the interest in these topics, from the perspective of what 'best-in-class' marketers do. While the terms highlight some of the perhaps expected industry trends (e.g. marketing visualization and lead generation); it also highlights interest in some unexpected areas, such as 'telemarketing' and 'QR codes'. The latter which Andrew highlights as still being incredibly relevant as they offer digital tracking of non-digital marketing channels.

Please note: The data represented in 'Company Surge® for marketing' was compiled from a selection of top trending marketing topics in Q1 2016, including the categories: Branding, Campaigns, Channels & Types, Content, Creativity Software, Demand Generation, Email marketing, Search marketing, Strategy & Analysis, Social, Website publishing. The available Company Surge® data range is much broader than what is represented. Please contact us if you would like to find out how your organization can use Company Surge® data.