We’ve continued to ride the corduroy of waves throughout Q3, with the launch of our user interface, the addition of several new partners… and growing our team.

As we ‘kickout’ of Q3, we’ve continued to ride a few different waves. One thing that we were most excited about was the much anticipated launch of our user interface – which puts Intent data directly in the hands of B2B marketers.

We’ve also continued to welcome innovative new companies as partners and to our Data Co-op, including comScore, Dstillery and Outbrain.

With the anticipated growth of our business we’ve added a couple of new and talented team members to help drive ‘the next wave of B2B marketing innovation’. As a part of this, I’m proud that we’ve bucked the ‘gender gap’ often associated with the tech industry in our engineering team. It is this diversity that continues to enrich our culture and helps to drive our business.

Bombora-Kickout Q3 - 2016