Check out how we’re progressing and what’s been happening at Bombora through ‘The Kickout’ – our new quarterly update.

In surfing a Kickout signifies when a rider finishes their ride ‘by turning back out over the top of the wave‘. Given that Bombora’s brand is heavily influenced by surfing (in part because so many members of our team – me included – are ardent surfers), we thought it an apt name to give to our quarterly update.

From our update at the start of 2016, our growth has continued into Q2 through the expansion of our Data-Co-op (our newest member, Aberdeen Group is featured below) and through the ongoing syndication of our data through our new partners, Exelate, Multiview, and Merit Direct.

And with the impending launch of our new user interface, we look forward to \’kicking out\’ in the coming quarter and bringing the waves of intent data to more sales and marketers directly!