Leading furniture retailer Industry West increases brand engagement and website interaction through Intent data-driven Account-Based Creative ad campaign.

Industry West was challenged with finding ‘in-market’ commercial furniture buyers, due to a lack of B2B first-party data. The retailer engaged Adaptive Campaigns and Bombora to overcome this challenge.

Using B2B demographic and Intent data, Adaptive Campaigns identified companies ‘in-market’ for office furniture. Using this data, Adaptive served this audience with dynamic ad creative based on their interests in real-time. This dataset was also used to create company segments in the Bombora interface. These segments were activated across many platforms to drive greater campaign reach and efficiency.

“Account-Based Creative enables Bombora customers to buy their data once and use it twice; for media and creative.”
Sam Karow, CEO and Co-Founder, Adaptive Campaigns.

Taking an Account-Based Creative approach, fueled through Intent data, resulted in:

  • On average, three times better performance than all other data platforms
  • campaign engagement rate 16x greater than the industry benchmark* and nine times above the static control group
  • Increased website engagement – with 22% of visitors converting on the ‘Become a Member’ page of the campaign

“Our business challenge required an innovative approach to targeted, data-driven marketing communication. By using Bombora’s intent data, combined with Adaptive Campaign’s platform, we were able to identify the right people within our target organizations and deliver the right message to them.”
Ian Leslie, CMO, Industry West.

Find out how Industry West used Intent data to drive it’s Account-Based Creative approach. If you would like to find out how you can make the most of intent data, please contact us.

*DoubleClick US Home Furnishings, animated display ad.