We’ve pulled together the following resources to help you better get to know our Intent data and products. Check back every so often, as we will be adding to these resources on a regular basis.

Our Intent data

What is Intent data and how does Bombora collect it?
What is Bombora’s global intent data footprint?
Audience segments (summary)
Audience segments (extended)
B2C demographic segments
Industry verticals

Our products

 Company SurgeTM Use cases
Company SurgeTM Audience enrichment Content discovery Lead generation
Company SurgeTM for Salesforce Account-Based Marketing Content syndication Lead scoring
Company SurgeTM for Email Account prioritization Field marketing Social ABM
Company SurgeTM user guide Account intelligence Inside sales


Digital Audience Builder Visitor Insights
Information sheet  Information sheet
Best practices

Our case studies

How our customers are using Intent data?
How Oceanos used Intent data to drive outbound email engagement
How Industry West used Intent data to boost its real-time Account-Based Creative campaign
How Cloudera used Intent data can drive hyper-targeted Account-Based Marketing
How Turbonomics used Company SurgeTM to drive high-quality sales
How can you use Company SurgeTM data for site personalization (infographic)