How do I get access to Visitor Insights?

Visitor Insights is currently a beta product that is available to customers by invitation only. If you’re interested in becoming a Visitor Insights beta customer, please reach out to your Bombora account representative for more information.

What insights are available in Visitor Insights?

Visitor Insights currently provides:

  • Overall visitor engagement segmented by high, medium, and low percentages
  • Overall visitor engagement compared to previous date ranges.
  • Total companies, unique users, sessions and page views.
  • Total companies, unique users, sessions and page views compared to previous date ranges.
  • Engagement by company domain segmented by high, medium, and low.
  • Unique users, sessions, and page views by company domain.

How can I use the insights from Visitor Insights?

There are several ways that you can get value from Visitor Insights.

  • Measure effectiveness of marketing and account-based programs – Identify the companies engaging on your website to learn who you’re reaching and who you’re not with your marketing programs.
  • Optimize website content – Learn if your content resonates with your target accounts and optimize content for higher engagement.
  • Warm leads for sales – Turn anonymous website visitors into warm leads for sales to follow up on.

How many pages or websites can I track separately through Visitor Insights?

Visitor Insights allows you to view distinct insights for all traffic visiting your website, and an additional 4 pages or sections.

What factors are used to calculate engagement?

Bombora uses a proprietary algorithm to measure website engagement using several factors including:

  • Dwell time – A measure of the time spent actively viewing a page or on the website.
  • Scroll depth – The distance that a website visitor scrolls down the page in relation to the length of the page.
  • Scroll velocity – The velocity at which a website visitor scrolls down the page.
  • Time between scrolls – The length of time between scrolls.