What segments are available for targeting?

Bombora offers a variety of segments available for targeting including:

  • Demographic and  firmographic – Industry, functional area, professional group, company revenue, seniority, company size, and geography
  • Intent – Select from over 3,200 Intent topics and predictive signals
  • Account-Based Marketing (ABM) – Upload a list of company domains and Bombora on-boards those companies into digital cookies
  • Granular Install data – Categories, specific products or vendors
  • Other – Personal interests and lifestyles, manufacturing, etc.

Where can I syndicate Bombora segments?

Bombora integrates with many of the leading DSPs, DMPs, and data exchanges. For the most updated list, please contact Bombora.

How often are my segments refreshed?

Segments are refreshed daily.

What is an Always-On segment and how often is it refreshed?

An ‘Always-On’ surge segment is one where you can set it and forget it. Bombora automatically updates the segment with businesses showing greater intent and removes businesses that are no longer spiking on an ongoing basis without requiring you to re-create the segment. Always-On segments are refreshed on a weekly basis.

Please reach out to your Bombora account representative for more information on creating an Always-On surge segment.

Do you have any best practices for creating digital audience segments?

Yes! There are several recommended best practices for creating your digital audience segments.
Please watch the following videos: