Triblio adds Company Surge® Intent data as a key ingredient to Account Based Marketing programs

Surfacing actionable insights for engagement

As a long-time Bombora partner, Triblio is well aware of the changing B2B buying landscape that makes Intent data critical to any tech stack.

By combining Company Surge® Intent data with Triblio’s first-party data and sales activation plays, it increased SDR influence by 18% and Account Executive close rate by 28%.

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Triblio's journey



Triblio provides Account Based Marketing (ABM) software to generate demand and engagement from target accounts. As a long-time Bombora partner, Triblio is well aware of the changing B2B buying landscape that makes Intent data critical to any tech stack.



Buying behavior has changed drastically over the past decade. 60-80% of the purchase journey is complete prior to prospects completing a lead form. And 45% of all prospects that do started engaging 90 days or more prior, according to Triblio’s research.

Like most growing businesses, Triblio has aggressive sales goals in a competitive field. It needed to find ways to engage with potential prospects prior to contact registration.



Triblio already had first-party Intent data from website visits. It combined these with Company Surge® Intent data for greater insight into potential prospects and launched three intent-based sales activation plays.

Triblio segmented top accounts into three groups based on interest for relevant Intent topic clusters:

  1. Competitor (competitive topics)
  2. Use case (specifically Account Based Marketing topics)
  3. Field event (geographies interested in relevant topics)

Then, its marketing and BDR teams partnered to activate coordinated intent-based plays across multiple channels. The BDRs reached out with personal phone calls, emails and social touches, while the marketing team provided air cover with display advertising to those same contacts as well as Smart Pages −Triblio’s tool for creating personalized landing pages. Marketing selected segment-relevant content so the BDRs could auto-generate personalized landing pages for each contact.



In 2019, the combination of Triblio’s first-party Intent data with Company Surge® and the sales activation plays resulted in:

  • 2X more engaged leads per account on the 1:1 landing page compared to the general website
  • 18% increase in SDR revenue influence
  • 28% increase in Account Executive close rate

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