How Teradata used Company Surge® to measure brand lift and validate campaign investment

Validating campaign ROI and brand lift

Teradata is challenging its target audience to think differently about data and analytics.

The launch of a new brand message inspired Teradata to find a new way of measuring campaign impact. Company Surge® data was the solution.

Using Company Surge®, Teradata found that brand interest from its US-based target accounts lifted 78% during the campaign.

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Teradata's journey

Teradata-Background-case study


‘Buy answers instead of analytics!’  Teradata’s bold new messaging challenged its audience to think differently about purchasing data and analytics products.

This new campaign represented a significant ad investment for Teradata, which spanned across the US, UK, and Germany and included traditional and digital media channels.

The question was: would it be worth it?

Teradata-Background-case study


The challenge was in validating its investment.

Partnering with Just Media and Bombora, Teradata used Company Surge® data to measure the impact of the campaign based on interest in its brand.

This approach to brand measurement helped Teradata validate its campaign investment.



To determine a lift from the campaign, Teradata needed to understand the levels of interest around its brand.

It used a Historical Buyer Journey Analysis to establish a baseline measurement of interest against the topic ‘Teradata’ for the six months before the campaign. Any interest greater than that baseline during the campaign period would signal a lift in brand interest.

For additional insights, Teradata placed an Audience Verification tag on its paid digital media creative. This provided insights about the campaign reach and frequency against its target accounts.



Using this approach, Teradata confirmed that the campaign increased interest in its brand. Overall, the volume of interest in the intent topic ‘Teradata’ increased across both target and non-target accounts.

Compared to the historical baseline of interest:

  • After the first week of the campaign, there was a 279% lift in the number of US accounts across Bombora’s Data Co-op interested in the topic ‘Teradata’
  • Interest from Teradata’s US-based target accounts lifted 78% during the campaign
  • Interest was also significantly higher during heavy spending periods of the campaign

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Teradata’s innovative marketing team wanted a new and modern approach to measuring awareness impact. We were excited to work with Bombora to help create a new and groundbreaking approach to brand measurement using Intent data at the core. The end result, Company Surge® Score, proved a very effective way to track awareness improvement both at a general and account-level.


Brandon Friesen

Just Media, CEO

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