Oceanos uses key insights to lift email engagement

Driving lift in email engagement

By combining Intent data and Oceanos’ own high-quality contact data, Oceanos is able to deliver a 25% lift in outbound email engagement using key insights about businesses demonstrating active intent for unique ‘data center’ topics.

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Oceanos' journey



Oceanos, experts in contact data management, partnered with Bombora to help a mutual client identify businesses increasing in content consumption on topics related to data centers so that the client could drive greater email engagement and higher quality sales conversations.



Although Oceanos had 100+ million high-quality contacts in their database, the sales teams lacked the knowledge about when prospects were ‘in-market’ for topics related to data centers to customize engagement.



By tapping into Bombora’s Intent data, and combining it with their own high-quality contacts and other valuable data assets (including professional social data), Oceanos pinpointed the contacts demonstrating intent on their selected topics.



Data revealed some organizations were demonstrating intent on 10+ granular ‘data center’ topics. By performing an A/B test of contacts demonstrating intent and those that were not, Oceanos achieved significant improvement in outbound email engagement, outperforming control groups in both email opens and click rates.

Everybody wins with Bombora

Whether you're a B2B marketer, agency, publisher, or partner, Company Surge® helps you prioritize your resources and accelerate revenue.

B2B Sales and Marketing

Align marketing and sales towards a unified approach focused on Intent data.

Surf's up


Deliver better results for your clients with highly targeted campaigns that focus on businesses demonstrating intent.

Dive in


Enrich your ad products with the power of B2B Intent data to deliver more targeted campaigns for your advertising partners.

Take off

Improving outbound email engagement by 25% will make a real impact on a client's top of funnel performance. More importantly, lead velocity through the funnel will increase; a critical metric for all demand-focused marketers.

Brian Hession, President and Founder, Oceanos

Brian Hession

President & Founder, Oceanos

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