Industry West increases engagement through real-time targeted advertising

Boosting campaign engagement

Industry West leverages real-time account-based creative to generate 16X greater campaign engagement compared to industry benchmarks. By partnering with Adaptive Campaigns to execute on a targeted advertising campaign using real-time creative, and Bombora to provide demographic and Intent data, Industry West’s campaign achieves 3X greater performance compared to all other data strategies.

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Industry West's journey



Focused on ‘furnishing modern creativity’, Industry West provides furniture solutions for consumers, architects, and interior designers. With a focus on reaching commercial buyers across various company sizes and industries, Industry West enlisted the help of Adaptive Campaigns to increase commercial buyer engagement with its brand and drive visits to its website through a real-time targeted advertising campaign.



Industry West wanted to reach commercial buyers from across various industries and company sizes, but had a limited B2B database from which to source its target audience. Adaptive Campaigns was faced with the challenge of finding ‘in-market’ commercial buyers of furniture and delivering the right messages that would drive optimal engagement.



By using Bombora’s B2B demographic and Intent data, Adaptive Campaigns was able to identify which businesses were ‘in-market’ for office furniture and segment the campaign audience based on organization size.

Additionally, Adaptive Campaigns’s real-time creative could deliver the right call-to-action and sequence of ads based on whether the user was a residential or commercial buyer.



Through the strong integration between Bombora and Adaptive Campaigns, Industry West achieved 16X greater campaign engagement compared to industry benchmarks, 3X better performance compared to other data strategies, and a 22% conversion rate for visitors to its ‘Become a member’ page.

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Our business challenge required an innovative approach to targeted, data-driven marketing communication. Working with Bombora's Intent data allowed us to talk to the right people. We look forward to new opportunities to push the envelope on marketing performance by pairing the intelligence of Intent data with the agility of real-time creative.

Ian Leslie-CMO-Industry West

Ian Leslie

CMO, Industry West

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