Cloudera uses Company Surge® data to predict future interest in its products and align ads

Taking Company Surge® data to the next level

Cloudera was an early adopter of Account Based Marketing (ABM), using Company Surge® data. But in the competitive field of enterprise data clouds, Cloudera and their agency, Just Media, are always innovating to get ahead.

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Cloudera's journey



Like many organizations that have embraced ABM, Cloudera is looking for ways to advance its digital marketing strategies as part of their effort to target businesses interested in their offerings and increase engagement and awareness.



Prioritizing target accounts was only the first step. Next was identifying and delivering the most relevant creative and message to increase awareness and engagement.

Cloudera needed to adjust its digital marketing strategies to better align its messaging with interest on relevant topics among targeted accounts. Serving up digital ads to meet predicted interest — not just the current topic that was getting attention — was the goal.



Cloudera piloted a predictive model using two years of historical data and 95 topics. The model predicted when a target business might be interested in Cloudera’s product, and also weighted which of the four messages to deliver based on expected outcome. The model performed at 98% accuracy in predicting future interest and the right message to deliver.

The Cloudera team piloted this new model in 2019 across programmatic display advertising programs with the goal of driving awareness and engagement at target businesses. The campaign KPIs included reach against target businesses, lift in website landings and frequency of landings.



Cloudera has seen impressive results thus far and plan to continue improving on the model and use cases.

Results include:

  • Cut cost per website landing in half
  • Achieved 50% target-industry engagement
  • Improved reach of target accounts by 96% compared to prior activities

The company expects an incremental increase in reach as models become more accurate.

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Our team is always innovating how we use Company Surge® data to inform our account-based marketing programs. When we realized we could use historical Intent data to predict future intent with high accuracy, we immediately started testing it with our digital media and are excited with the promising results.

Heather Sutherland - VP of Demand Generation - Cloudera

Heather Sutherland

VP of Demand Generation and Operations, Cloudera

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