Tired of spraying and praying with your email campaigns? Together with Oceanos, we’re combining thread buyer intent data with high-quality contact data to easily understand which contacts in your database will be most receptive to outreach.

The ultimate goal of buyer intent data is to give marketers and salespeople a direct view into what content is being consumed with an organization. Armed with that knowledge, a salesperson can then start a relevant conversation while a prospect is still in the scoping phase.

While intent data gives guidance in what tack the sales team should take with prospects, and which messaging would resonate the loudest, by tapping into its 100+ million high-quality contacts and using multiple data assets – Oceanos takes the insights provided by Bombora and pinpoints the right contacts within that organization.


Company Surge TM data helps drives targeted email engagement

Oceanos worked with Bombora to help a mutual client identify companies interested in content consumption on one of 33 unique data center topics. The Bombora data revealed that some companies were demonstrating intent on more than 10 granular data center topics. Oceanos took this account intelligence and mapped it against the client’s contact pool.

The end result was that companies with greater intent far outperformed the control with both email opens and clicks, including a 25.2% lift with email opens with a 90% statistical significance, and a lift in click activity of 27.9% at 95% confidence.

“Improving outbound email engagement by 25% will make a real impact on a client’s top of funnel performance. More importantly, lead velocity through the funnel will increase; a critical metric for all demand-focused marketers,” said Brian Hession, President and Founder of Oceanos.

For more information please download the full case study, Bombora and Oceanos: Combining Predictive Analytics with High-Quality Contact Data ‘. If you would like to find out how you can make the most of intent data, please contact us.