Nicholaus (Nico) Halecky is Vice President of Data Science at Bombora, a team tasked with transforming Bombora’s massive web content interaction data to organization intent signals.

A technology leader in Bombora’s executive team, he also contributes to product vision, strategy, external relationship building, and evangelizes Bombora’s technology and science. 

He is passionate about open source software’s foundational and transformative role in applied science workflows to model complex, data-rich systems, and in building and applying models predictive and inferential capabilities in extracting meaningful and measurable value.

Prior to Bombora, he led modeling and analytics at Melrok, a building energy monitoring startup and worked as a quantitative researcher in a financial startup in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Receiving his Ph.D. in nuclear engineering from UC Berkeley in 2010, his doctoral research advanced computational models for simulating heat and mass transport processes in geologic sequestration of high level nuclear waste. 

He resides with his partner, Julia, their two sons Eugene and Florian, and their Border Collie Lamby, in Reno, Nevada.

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