“In a very short time, Bombora has become known as the brand to beat in the B2B intent data space.”
Outsell Company Analysis: Bombora, 2020


Tracking B2B Intent beyond COVID-19

With COVID-19 driving huge macro-economic shifts and a ‘new normal’, the use of online content to educate and inform is consistent. Therein lies the value of Intent data – in identifying true B2B buyer interest. Find out which industries are under pressure, which are thriving.

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10 questions to ask your B2B Intent data provider

A new and niche tool, it can be challenging to understand the nuances of B2B Intent data. Not all Intent data is equal, in terms of data quality, ease of implementation, or privacy compliance. Here are the questions you need answers to.

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Turn Intent data ‘hmmms’ into sales and marketing ‘booms’!

Over 50% of marketers are using Intent data, but there is still confusion around how it can best be used for B2B sales and marketing success.

The ‘Demystifying Intent data’  ebook answers the frequently asked questions about Intent data and provides tips for driving sales and marketing ROI.

Learn about:

  • • What Intent data is, different sources and how it’s collected
  • • How other marketing and sales teams are using Intent data
  • • How to apply it to your existing workflows for accelerated results
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Our customers

We're trying to do a lot less of ‘the random acts of marketing’ and really focusing our dollars on areas where we see a higher return. And Intent data has been a leading indicator for us on how to do that more effectively. And, we're at 300% better click-through rates when we use Intent data.


Ben Howell

VP of Performance Marketing, Salesforce

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B2B Intent data explained:
What, where, how and why?

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B2B Intent data explained:
Privacy and compliance

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B2B Intent data explained: 17 terms every B2B sales and marketing leader needs to know

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Get your 'Guide to using B2B Intent data'

Whether you’re an Intent data guru or just dipping your toe in... learn how innovative businesses are incorporating Intent data to gain a competitive edge. Download the ‘Guide to using B2B Intent data’ and learn how to best use it across your marketing, sales, and operations.

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