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What is a Surge Score?

Surge is scored on a scale from zero to 100, at the company and location level. A company is considered to be ‘surging’ when its Surge score is 60 or above – indicating that its content consumption on a specific topic is significantly above average.

How to use your Surge report

Contact acquisition

Research or purchase contact data at companies and office locations that are surging to see better engagement.

Targeted lead generation

Prioritize leads from surging companies to create more sales opportunities.

Inside sales prioritization

Have your inside sales team prioritize surging accounts and contacts to drive more qualified opportunities.

Targeted email segmentation

Email contacts in your marketing automation system with content relevant to what their company is surging on.

Content creation

Understand what topics are of interest to your key accounts and then take a data-driven approach to content creation.

Social media ABM

Use Linked In, Facebook and Twitter to advertise to professionals at companies that are surging

Nurture path augmentation

Move the right contacts through your lead scoring/nurture paths faster if they come from surging companies

Programmatic ABM

Understand which companies are surging and target cookies/users with customized programmatic display advertising.